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Progetto Arte Poli creates the new papal ambo

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The project

Giving value to the liturgy, being in harmony with the existing architecture and liturgical furnishings and Integrating archaeological elements is our primary goal for each piece of artwork created. Keeping in mind the client's request, the work to be carried out must be perceived as new and at the same time be a testimony of history.

Progetto Arte Poli realizza il nuovo Ambone Papale

The new papal ambo

The bronze coats

The bronze coats of arms of Pope Francis and Cardinal Angelo De Donatis were created by Progetto Arte Poli with the ancient lost wax bronze fusion technique and placed on the side walls of the Ambone Papal. It was created following the same symbolic decorative techniques and intention of the coat of arms of the papal altar.

Stemma in bronzo del Cardinal Angelo De Donatis

The bronze coat - Pope Francis

The bronze eagle

The eagle, the symbol of Saint John, was made according to the design of Master Albano Poli, who followed al the details starting from the clay model using the bronze fusion technique which is the traditional bronze technique of ancient days.

Bozzetto dal Maestro Albano Poli

Bronze sculpture

The sculptural elements
in marble

Marble parts are made of Carrara marble which is carved entirely by hand including Corinthian capitals, columns, twists and spirals.

Sculture in marmo di Carrara

Elementi plastici scolpiti interamente a mano

The Restoration of
the Pluteus

The Pluteus was kept in the archaeological area of the Basilica and was the main focus of the Archbasilica restoration. The restoration work reestablished the intricacy of the decorations and the beauty of the marble texture with the precise attention to preserving the traces of history.

Il restauro del pluteo

Archbasilica restoration

The Mosaic Inserts

The mosaic inserts that embellish the columns were made entirely by hand. The pieces were cut one by one with a hammer and inserted into the grooves according to design drawings.

The mosaic inserts

The mosaic inserts that embellish the columns were made entirely by hand.

The Installation of
the Ambo

Each element was positioned and fixed on site to complete and finish this remarkable project.

La posa in opera dell'ambone

The Installation of the Ambo

The Inauguration

The Holy Father conducted a sermon in the newly renovated Ambo on the occasion of the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica.

Paolo e Albano Poli incontrano il Santo Padre

Papa Francesco pronuncia l'omelia dal nuovo ambone

The New Papal Ambo in the Experience of Progetto Arte Poli.

The new Papal Ambo is the result of a remarkable work made possible thanks to the experience of artists and craftsman at Progetto Arte Poli. This project involved a relationship of trust between Progetto Arte Poli studio and the Vatican. This trust was born from an ongoing relationship between the Veronese artistic studio and the Vatican over many years where the studio created masterful works of art for Vatican Churches and facilities.

Albano Poli

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