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Albano Poli

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Progetto Arte Poli - the studio

Our studio is a reality of the past, rare if not unique. As in a Renaissance workshop, alongside Maestro Albano Poli, several artists, art masters and designers dedicate their talents to the creation and restoration of unique works such as artistic windows, mosaics, frescoes, bronze and stone sculptures, architectural elements in wrought iron, structures, and furnishings.

Restauro basilica di San Zeno, Verona
Arte sacra - artistic glass windows
Arte sacra - mosaics
Arte sacra - stone and bronze sculpture
Progetto Arte Poli - Renaissance workshop

Each work is the result of a path of creation that starts with dialogue with the client about the client's vision for the artwork.

From the creation of project to the project installation, our team takes care of every aspect of the work. We painstakingly search for ideal materials, research in detail the history of the art and iconography, and finally we have continuous dialogue between the design department and the master craftsmen. The manual creative skills of each artesan during each stage of art construction, is the value that our studio offers to ensure excellence of the final project.

Liturgical artwork

Progetto Arte Poli - Liturgical artworks

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