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Progetto Arte Poli creates the new papal ambo

Albano Poli

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Progettazione e realizzazione opere d'arte sacra


Progetto Arte Poli has always been known for its art in public places of worship and civil environments. The sum of the art created at the studio is under the supervision and vision of the Artist, of Maestro Albano Poli. Progetto Arte Poli is a living workshop in continuous evolution, capable of increasing its artistic and production capabilities thanks to the synergistic collaboration of its skilled people.

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Artwork for places of worship
Albano Poli

Albano Poli

Albano Poli

Albano Poli was born in Verona on August 2, 1935. He attended the Napoleone Nani art school in Verona, directed by the master Pino Casarini. As suggested by master Pino Casarini, Albano Poli began creating masterful works of art using glass material. In a small art shop in the center of Verona Albano Poli begins his long career. At first he restores and reproduces stained glass windows for churches. Then over time, Albano Poli begins combining manual ability with creative genius to design stained glass windows with unique distinctive style. Each piece of artistic works is always new, different, and meets the approval of those who admire the artwork for the preciousness of the materials, the precision of the execution and often for the unique abstraction composition .

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In our 60 years of history as an art studio, we have completed numerous restorations in many diverse areas including artistic stained glass windows, fresco art, wrought iron art, mosaic art, and bronze, stone or wood sculptures.


Church restoration
Restorations in many diverse areas including artistic stained glass windows

Liturgical artworks

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Progetto Arte Poli - Liturgical artworks

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