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Albano Poli was born in Verona on August 2, 1935. He attended the Napoleone Nani art school in Verona, directed by the master Pino Casarini. As suggested by master Pino Casarini, Albano Poli began creating masterful works of art using glass material. In a small art shop in the center of Verona Albano Poli begins his long career. At first he restores and reproduces stained glass windows for churches. Then over time, Albano Poli begins combining manual ability with creative genius to design stained glass windows with unique distinctive style. Each piece of artistic works is always new, different, and meets the approval of those who admire the artwork for the preciousness of the materials, the precision of the execution and often for the unique abstraction composition. The windows of Master Poli are in fact characterized by their chromatic compositions and abstract style that conveys a liturgical message, harmoniously inserting itself in the context in which they are placed. In his long career, Albano Poli has never abandoned the art of restoration thus showing his love for art and respect for human history.
Also in this field, Albano Poli does not "limit" his knowledge, but expands and explores techniques and methods, acquiring an experience that has allowed him, over the years, to face important restoration interventions in areas, such as canvas and frescoes works. Albano Poli's creativity soon led him to surround himself with professionals and craftsmen who learned to appreciated the same sensitivity to creating and preserving artwork in its original form or in the vision of the customer using his unique artistic and technical expressions. The poetic vein of the artist has revealed itself, over the years, through countless experiments and manual arts. Albano has experience with all kinds of art including oil paintings, fresco and bas-relief. The "Renaissance" workshop where he and his fellow artists now create works ranging from stained glass windows, mosaics, frescoes, bronzes and wooden sculptures to stone or metal monuments, is the synthesis of the love and the vision of arts that he and his craftsman create as a reflection of the artist and craftsman who dwells within each art piece.
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Beginning Awards

  • 1968
    Award from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts for works presented at the Decorative Arts Section of the 34th Venice International Art Biennial.
  • 1970
    First prize for the progress sector in the competition "Tradition, adaptation and progress of the handicraft product " organized by the Provincial Union of Artisans of Verona.
  • 1970
    Gold medal in recognition of the artistic windows made for the Munich International Craft Fair by the German Prime Minister.
  • Recent Awards

  • 2005
    Recognition for the artistic glass panels made on the occasion of the 22nd International Nativity Scene Exposition in the Arena of Verona.
  • 2009
    Appointment to Knight of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great by Card. Bertone given to him by Card. Andrea di Montezemolo following the creation of the artworks at the Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls in Rome.
  • 2011
    Two Faith & Form Awards: the first prize in the "Liturgy Design" category for the works created in the Church of the Divine Master Jesus in Rome and the second prize in the "Liturgical Art" category for the stained glass windows in the Papal Basilica of Saint Paul outside the Walls in Rome. Faith & Form Awards is an international award for art and architecture design on an annual basis and co-organized by the quarterly magazine "Faith & Form" and by the "adaptation and religious building" department of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) IFRAA (Interfaith Forum on Religio, Art and Architecture).
  • 2014
    Faith & Form Awards in the "Liturgical Art" category for the Candleholder made for the Cathedral of Bari. In June 2015 the artwork was presented at the National Convention of the American Institute of Architects in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 2015
    "Award for Excellence" at the Italian “Gala of the "Entrepreneurship" organized in Perugia.

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