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The Man of the Shroud

Sculpture created by Sergio Rodella starting from the image of the Shroud.

From April 6th, 2021 on display at Arte Poli Gallery - Rome

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Uomo sindonico - Poli Arte Sacra

The Shroud Man, a unique sculpture.

The Man of the Shroud is the sculpture created by Sergio Rodella starting from the image of the Shroud. It is a three-dimensional representation of Christ who, with the method of "wrapping the cloth", is revealed to be matching with the Shroud itself. Many artists had gone as far as to depict and represent the image of the Man contained in it in the most accurate way to the Shroud. For many, however, it consisted mainly of an artistic work, others with the tools available were also able to do more precise studies but not always close to what was discovered now.

Volto di Cristo - scultura sindone
Uomo sindonico vista aerea
Uomo della sindone - dettaglio scultura

Faith, art and science: the man of the Shroud.

From imprint to form. It is the creative process that has engaged Sergio Rodella for more than two years. The image of the Shroud is the state of affairs from which the artist's artistic and scientific adventure began. The measures, distances, proportions, are the data that are acquired to be then transformed, from a two-dimensional perspective to a three-dimensional shape. And it is in this passage that the artist's work is hidden.
Sergio Rodella - studio sindone

Arte sacra - realizzazione di sculture e bassorilievi Arte sacra - realizzazione di sculture e bassorilievi Arte sacra - realizzazione di sculture e bassorilievi

A real method, scientific because it is reproducible, which is based on experience and anatomical knowledge to make a journey in search of the right volumes, starting from the skeleton, looking for the correct position of each limb, slowly discovering how each sign can find an explanation and how each fold of the famous cloth can find the right position. A path at the end of which, through numerous attempts and empirical tests, the artist managed to obtain what a machine today could never do: discover the form behind the image.


‚Äč Sergio Rodella is a well known artist from Padua, a passionate sculptor who has created numerous sacred works. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, in the 70s he began a journey where each work defines and consolidates a unique style. In his works we see his incredible skills of working with marble, the refined search for the most suitable materials and the attention to details that make each sculpture a work of inestimable value. Moved by his deep faith, Rodella conducted a huge research that started from studying the Shroud in every detail to analysing previous studies and interpretations. Thanks to his remarkable knowledge of human anatomy he was able to identify the exact position of the body, so that it fits precisely with the Shroud itself.
Arte sacra - realizzazione di sculture e bassorilievi
Sergio Rodella
Poli Arte Sacra - Opere per il sacro

Sergio Rodella chose PROGETTO ARTE POLI as the ideal partner to divulge the Shroud sculpture worldwide, asking the studio to make him reproductions of his artwork using traditional materials: wood, plaster, marble and bronze.
Laboratorio - Progetto Arte Poli
Laboratorio - Progetto Arte Poli

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