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Mosaic depicting Saint Pope John Paul II

The Center of Divine Providence represents a fundamental step in the history of Poland which finally recognizes the Catholic community. The Poles undertook to build the sanctuary as an ex-voto for the approval in 1791 of the first Constitutional Charter (the third in the world). The construction was supported by 8,000 Donors residing in Poland or abroad. The complex of buildings also includes the Center of Divine Providence and the dedicated museum to John Paul II and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski. Inside the sanctuary there is a special space that was intended for the custody of the mortal remains of the most illustrious Polish patriots as well as of personalities from the world of culture and science.

To welcome the relic of Saint Pope John Paul II, the faithful portrait of the Pope was made in mosaic together with a gilded frame.
Card. Dziwisz con Albano e Paolo Poli

Archbishop of Krakow Cardinal of Stanislaw Dziwisz.

Alcuni momenti della lavorazione

Some production phases

Alcuni momenti della lavorazione

Some production phases

Preparazione del mosaico



Celebration for the positioning of the relic

Card. Nycz admires the mosaic

Card. Nycz admires the mosaic

Paolo Poli con Card. Nycz

Paolo Poli and Card. Nycz

Mosaico Giovanni Paolo II

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